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Off Highway 

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WE offer it all


ATF & CVT Fluid

Aviation Oil

Brake Fluid & Part Cleaner

Cooling System Treatments

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Engine Degreaser

Fuel System Cleaners

Gear Oil & Grease

Hydraulic & Motor Oil

Power Steering Fluid

Seat Covers & Floor Mats

System Flush Products

Wheel Weights

Tire Repair & Tire Savers

Wiper Blades


Our locations in Florida.  Flamingo Oil in the south Florida, Seaboard Neumann in central Florida, & Jack Becker in north Florida. All three companies working together to serve our customers with consistent price and product.

Hazardous materials

We comply with all Federal Hazardous Material regulations.

Expertise and knowledge

We know our business.  You have a question, we have an answer.

International shipping

We deliver to almost every corner of the globe.

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We ship all over this great country. Let us quote you on a timely delivery.

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